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Works amazing!

Almost Great

If your not looking to read the rest of the review then stop here: Good Item/App if your around 13+, 12 and under might make you/ your kids angry at the helicopter and break it on the first day (after all the helicopter is supposed to be 14+). If your in this range try buying a cheap but good "indestructible helicopter"..... It did take some maneuvering and experimenting to try and get the helicopter to do and go were I wanted it to go especially because it seems the helicopter is very sensitive to my iPhone's control (iPhone 5, app works). I also did damage it once making the top of the helicopter pop off losing one of the parts but luckily I found a spare in the box :)! After that I've somewhat mastered or atleast become more used to the controls and haven't had any more problems yet. To some it up I personally would buy it again because of the fact that it is Phone controlled and also because I love firing the missiles at my brother, The charge time of the helicopter is also terrible an hour charge would only last 10 minutes max. Improve the charge time and make it indestructible and it would be the best in the market for its price.

Loses connection

Just purchased the U810A iHelicopter and this app kept losing connection causing the heli to fall for a sec then regain power. I found the UDIRC-Pro version does not do this, so I gave this one 1star and the pro 5. Great app and toy though

Amazing app.

I like it very much

Good toy

This is greAt toy and app love it!!

Excellent app

This is a great app got lights , missiles great stabilized helicopter ...a must buy !!!

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